Top Images of 2016

2016 was a pretty good year for me photographically.  I travelled to a lot of new places (and may familiar ones), met new people, reconnected with others, shot more video and commercial work, and (according to Lightroom) snapped nearly 45K frames.  (Admittedly many are timelapse sequences).  Here, I’d like to present ten of my favorite landscape images shot during the year, in chronological order.


1. Sunset on Horsetail Falls

Each February, for about two weeks, the sunset light on Horsetail Falls in Yosemite lines up so that only the falls are lit.

2. Bobcat, Yosemite

Came across my first Bobcat in the wild in Yosemite Valley!


3. Montara Seascape

Caught a stunning sunset while shooting some long exposures along the coastline in Montara, CA.


4. Burney Falls

Taken on my first visit to Burney Falls.


5. Shark Fin Cove

A very long exposure of the Davenport coastline in late afternoon light.


6. Blue Lassen

A four minute exposure of Lassen Peak during the blue hour after sunset.


7. Half Dome in the Moonlight

A moonlit view of Half Dome from Glacier Point


8. Perseids Over Joshua Tree

The 2016 Perseids meteor shower falling over the moonlit desert at Joshua Tree National Park, California


9. Colorado Colors

A gloomy evening overlooking the fall colors near Telluride.


10. Sunset on Pigeon Point Lighthouse

My first time shooting this lighthouse, and the sky did not disappoint!


Thanks for taking the time to look at this collection of images.  All are available as prints at, and most are available as part of my 2016 Calendar.

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